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A MILLION Reasons to Remember – A MILLION Indians in US

Since 2000 the United States of America has issued 926,257 green cards, to Indian nationals only. The hike in immigration happened after the historic Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. The immigration of Indians in America increases every day. Indians migrate to the USA in three different categories: Family- based, employment- based and humanitarian- based.

A-Millions-of-Indians-Immigrated-to-USAMany people doubt, why so many people have left their home land and migrated to some other country and remain there as well. Immigrants especially Indians prefer the availability of skilled based work opportunities given in countries like the USA. There is a huge list of immigrants from India who are quite well known for what they have contributed in their field over the years and made both countries proud.

As I have mentioned there is a huge list I would like to take some honorable- mentions from the list:

  • Alexi Grewal: First Indian American to win an Olympic gold medal in road cycling at Los Angeles in 1984. His cycle is kept in the Smithsonian institution’s National Museum of America History. Feeling proud? Not yet? Let’s meet the next one!
  • Kal Penn: Kalpan Suresh Modi; NOT related to Narendra Modi Sir but yes hails from Gujarati background. He received great political heights in Obama administration. But the major reason behind Kal Penn’s involvement in Hollywood was that he got quite disappointed by the stereotype of Indians in some of the really great movies. Hence, changed the trend and got the name! Still need more?
  • Meet Norah Jones! Daughter of Pandit Sri. Ravi Shankar. This uniquely talented elegant musician has won Grammy 9 TIMES and was recognized as the 60th best selling music artist of the decade (2000- 2009) by billboard’s magazine! Her records were certified as diamond copies after selling 20 million copies of it!
  • Oh I have one more! Manoj Shyamalan. He is the infamous director for ‘Sixth Sense’. His movie was even nominated for Oscars. He has brilliant acting skills with a mind to make contemporary mysteries for his movies. Born and raised in Pennsylvania with a complete south Indian background. He was honored by Padma Shri in the year 2008

These are only a few mentions out of so many inclusions. It is quite evident why US needs Indian immigrants.

Oh! I almost forgot, Sunder Pichai, CEO of Google! Rings a bell?

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