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India is one of the fastest developing countries in terms of economy and talent availability. There are lots of skilled professionals in the field of engineering, IT, ICT, energy, and creative sectors. The growing number of professional colleges and vocational educational institutes in India ensure a pool of talented professionals.

These factors have made US companies to think about India and the unlimited opportunities and talents. The number of US companies that are interested in partnering or have partnered with India is increasing by folds every year.

Business collaboration has resulted in an increase of business travels between India and US. These travels facilitate trade and innovation benefits for both the country’s economy. There are different kinds of permits to facilitate these kinds of business travels and talent transfer.

Two Visa categories that foster this smooth flow of business travel to and for US are the skilled worker visa (H1B) and L1 visa, which is used by companies to transfer their skilled employees to their US branches. Companies issued 65% of total H1B visas and 37% of total L1 visas to Indians in 2011.

The most sought after visas for US are the L1 visa. L1 visa is of two types.

1. Individual L1 Visa: Individual L1 visas require filing a petition for each individual applicant. Here, a consular is supposed to verify the information provided in the petition with that at the visa issuance authority. Over 90% of individual L1 cases are approved by the consular team in India.

2. Blanket L-1 Visa: Blanket L1 visas are for large firms applying under a single visa request for undefined no. of their qualifying employees. The qualifications may indicate their employee status and positioning in the company. These visas are promoted to ensure easy long term transfer of employees. These visas are not subject to any remuneration restrictions.

With an increase of 24% of H1B visas in 2011, the issuance of L1 visas has reduced. This is because of the cases, where companies and individuals have applied for L1 visas, without qualifying for their ‘specialized knowledge’ requirements. Also, many skills that were considered ‘specialized’ earlier have been removed from that category, which need to be confirmed before applying.

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