Manufacturing sector of the United States require more skilled immigrants


It is no more a secret that American Manufacturing Industry requires good number of skilled professionals. Tool makers, machinists and the people from other engineering backgrounds are required to work in the core manufacturing sectors of the US industries. Generating customer demand is crucial, but the manufacturing sector has huge shortage of the skills and […]

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More Immigrants Racing to Apply for US citizenship


The immigrants, who are worried about Mr. Trump’s election to the US president, are now rushing to apply for the United Citizenship. Tens of thousands of people, eligible for the US citizenship are lodging applications and in the past six months the application rate increased by 14 percent. There is a growing fear among the […]

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The Six States of United States has 25 percent Immigrant population


The United States popularly known for immigrant-friendly approach and it is known fact that immigrants’ population is highly influential and its profound impact on the US economy. According to the recent population analysis by the Centre for Immigration Studies, the immigrant populations of the United States in six states have increased over 25 percent. The […]

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