All You Need to Know About the US Family Immigration


The United States has been liberal in approach towards the family immigration programs. This country has been the most favorable destination for migration, high paid jobs, good transport system, and world class exposure to the research has compelled the intellectual community to settle in this country. In the early years it was considered as the […]

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US EB-5 Investors’ Permanent Residency Program


United Nations the progressive nation has played a crucial role in the global economy. This country has contributed a lot to the progress of developed nations. This country is well known to for its immigrant integration; this country has one of the largest immigrant populations. The highly talented professionals, from Asian countries have contributed to […]

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Who is Eligible for US Dependent Visa ?


The international students could be accompanied to the United States by his/her dependent at any time. The dependents are defined as unmarried children minor or spouses. We find children over the age of 21 are not eligible to US dependent Visa as  a dependent of  the international student International students dependent might apply for an […]

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Different Ways to Fulfill your US Dream

US Immigration

Nearing to 13% of the world’s adults or about 630 million adults state they would leave their nation and move somewhere else permanently. For roughly 138 million individuals, that somewhere else would be the US- the No.1 destination for the potential migrants. We find other top choices for potential migrants are UK, Canada, Australia and […]

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