US Health Act Benefits Low Wage Migrant Workers


Numerous immigrants and low-wage migrant workers residing in the United States have been not under the health care system. But, the newly introduced United States health care act emphasized the issue and brought significant improvement to provide them good quality health care facilities. A million immigrants from various backgrounds are the legal residents of the […]

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Health, tax issues stir controversy on immigration bill

Health benefits and taxes for undocumented foreigners emerged on Tuesday as thorny issues in the U.S. immigration debate as the Senate prepared to consider changes to a sweeping bill next week. A bipartisan group of senators are courting Republicans in hopes of reaching the minimum of 60 votes needed for passage. The centerpiece of the […]

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Immigration reform: N.D. chamber, companies call on Congress for new proposal

BISMARCK — Don Morton, a senior director with Microsoft Corp. in Fargo, said Thursday the country’s immigration laws are archaic and need to be reformed to meet the workforce demands of the state’s growing and high-tech industries. He pointed to countries such as Canada and Australia, which he said “have come up with progressive, enlightened […]

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