What Are The Main Categories of US Green Card


The US Greencard is also known as PR Card. It offers the holders permanent residence in the United States. The steps to becoming US Green Card Visa holder do vary by category and also dependent as whether you presently live inside or outside the US. The main categories do include Greencard through job Green card through […]

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One of the USA H1-B Visa Requirements is to Have Highly Specialized Knowledge

An H-1B visa is essential if you are visiting the U.S to perform services in a pre-arranged professional job. To qualify, the individual is required to hold a bachelor’s or higher degree in the specific specialty for which you seek employment. The USCIS would determine whether the employment constitutes a specialty occupation and as to […]

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US immigration bill to hurt Indian IT, ITES firms’ interests

As Prime Minister Manmohan Singh prepares to leave for his bilateral meeting with US President Barack Obama, New Delhi has reiterated that the proposed immigration Bill being discussed in the US Congress will hurt Indian information technology (IT) companies by adversely impacting visas for highly skilled non-immigrant workers. Foreign secretary Sujatha Singh said Indian IT […]

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