A MILLION Reasons to Remember – A MILLION Indians in US


Since 2000 the United States of America has issued 926,257 green cards, to Indian nationals only. The hike in immigration happened after the historic Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. The immigration of Indians in America increases every day. Indians migrate to the USA in three different categories: Family- based, employment- based and humanitarian- based. […]

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The Six States of United States has 25 percent Immigrant population


The United States popularly known for immigrant-friendly approach and it is known fact that immigrants’ population is highly influential and its profound impact on the US economy. According to the recent population analysis by the Centre for Immigration Studies, the immigrant populations of the United States in six states have increased over 25 percent. The […]

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All You Need to Know About the US Family Immigration


The United States has been liberal in approach towards the family immigration programs. This country has been the most favorable destination for migration, high paid jobs, good transport system, and world class exposure to the research has compelled the intellectual community to settle in this country. In the early years it was considered as the […]

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