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E1: the treaty Trader Visa for the USA

E1 visa - non immigrant visaIn the modern era, the financial condition of the country depends on upon the growth of its trade and commerce. Various countries have proposed different policies to improvise their strategies of bilateral trade. E1 visa is an initiative of United States of America to permit the foreign individuals of treaty nation regarding the issue of bilateral trade. The United States has been associated with the various countries to increase its . The associate countries are denoted as treaty nations. The system helps America to improve the cordial relationship between its treaty nations. The initiative is a great boost to the economy of the country. The E1 visa is a non-immigrant visa allows the managers and executives of the companies of treaty nations to enter the US regarding the issue of bilateral trades. The applicant must have a minimum of 50% share in their companies where they work to grant this visa. There are certain eligibility criteria for getting this status. First of all the applicant of E1 visa must be a citizen of treaty nation. The import and export statistic of US and the treaty nation where the applicant belongs to should be remarkable. This implies that America should have a strong bilateral bond with the respective country. The dollar value between the two countries should be substantial. The applicants require having sufficient experiences in the field of trading and development. The previous trade and commerce statistic with the US will be beneficial for the candidate. The applicant will also get so many benefits by obtaining the status. The visa holder can travel to any part of US without any restrictions. The candidate can able to work in the US Company but the visa has to be sponsored by the concerned company. The visa holder is permitted to study in the universities of US but not able to pursuing the full-time course. The validity of this visa is for two years so The E1 visa can be renewed several times.  The spouse and the children of the applicant below the age of 21 can go and live with the candidate. They also permitted to study in US institute without having a student visa.

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