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EB-5 VISA - pathway to US green card
Posted on: 25 May 2016  |   Tags: EB5 Business Visa , USA Green Card ,

EB 5 VisaThe United States is one of the richest nations around the globe. In the present time, the US is an ideal business destination for the worldwide investors. Eb-5 visa is one of the most admired ways of getting a USA green card in the present time. This kind of an arrangement of sorts allows you to live in permanently in the USA. Without investment, the same opportunity can take an individual as many as ten years to attain. One can be an American citizen with a USA green card within six years of making the immigration investment. This is really a good initiative by the government of America to create more employment opportunities for the job seekers. By the implementation of EB-5 visa, numerous job opportunities have been opened for the skilled workers and directly this program being helpful assets to improving the economy of US. Under this system the applicant has to invest an amount of at least $500,000 in an approved provincial center, currently, more than 100 regional centers are in the US, and each of these is run like an organization. Investment of the candidate will help them function, and lead the applicant to get the visa within 6-12 months. After five years of getting the visa, you can apply for citizenship, and get a USA green card. However, one small piece of information you need to know is that your investment must generate at least 10 jobs in a particular region, which must last for two years. Many people’s around the world are aspiring to immigrate to the USA because of its robust economy, world class education system, huge employments, high living standard and the ideal business market. EB-5 business visa is really a good immigration approach for the investors to widespread their business in world’s most developed nation.  After getting the green card the EB-5 visa holder in the USA can lead a life of an American citizen and take the advantages of other social benefits providing by the American government.

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