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F1 student visa is best for Indian students to study in US
Posted on: 30 May 2016  |   Tags: F1 student visa , Indian Students , student status ,

F1 Student visaCurrently studying in abroad is one of the greatest aspirations for Indian students. The dramatic revolution in the field of technology improves our lifestyle and standard of livings. For higher education many Indian students prefer to go America to study in the international universities. F1 student visa is issued the candidates for their academics at United States. F1 students have to maintain the minimum course load for long term student status. The visa holders can stay maximum 60 days at US.  If more time is needed for the purpose they have to approved a period of time under the OPT program The candidates are expected to complete their courses on or before the expiry date of their certification for non immigrant student status eligibility. The status has been provided by the universities of America to attend the program. There are various criteria for the approval of F1 visa. The applicant must have a foreign residence and must have to return his own country after the completion of the course. On the basis of f1 visa the student can only study at the university or college through which the visa was issued. The candidate must have sufficient financial support for this program. The Study financing guide of America can help the students to prepare for this concern during time of study at foreign.  Sufficient amount of financial fund should verified by the authorities. All the students must have a strong bond with their own country. This thing also comes upon the demonstration. Many relative things such as bank account details, property and job offer letter upon completion of studies and also the family details. Applicants have to apply the F1 student visa on the embassy’s office, or have to follow the jurisdiction over their permanent residence. The candidate can also apply it on any U.S. consular office abroad.

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