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USA- Some facts about USA

The United States of America is one country which boasts of its known and unknown facts. Every country has its history, facts to be known. So does this country. But there are a few which makes me ponder on it. Let’s see if you think over it as well.

  1. The National Flag of America:

Before the current design, USA has changed its flag 26 times! Isn’t that amazing? Each color has its meaning. But the reason behind the 13 white and red stripes was to signify 13 original states of the USA and 50 stars represent 50 ‘United’ states of USA.

  1. The Unforgettable Civil- War of USA:

The Civil War of USA was fought for FIVE YEARS! Approximately 620,000 soldiers died during this war. The only war that makes it take a second place is Vietnam War.

  1. Bald Eagle:

The bald eagle was chosen to be the National Emblem of America for its long life, majestic looks, and great strength. It represents freedom! Yeah, believe that! It lives in lofty mountains, under horrible weather conditions and stays strong. Sounds familiar?

  1. The Statue of Liberty:

The full name of the ‘Statue’ is Liberty, Enlightening the World. Gifted from France in 1886, robed lady represents the Roman goddess of freedom; Libertas. Torch inscribes date of American Declaration of Independence. You can go inside the crown, and there are 25 windows. Seven spikes represent seven countries and seven oceans. Last but not the least the green outer is copper that has got oxidized.

  1. Mount Rushmore:

An average of three million visitors visits it every year. It was finished after 14 years, and it took 400 men to do that! The USA paid nearly one million Dollars for its completion. Washington’s nose is 21 feet long rest of them has it of about 20 feet long (great difference). Mount Rushmore got its name after 40 years of its carving!

There are so much more facts about the USA. Stick with me and we shall ponder on more facts about it!

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