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In honor of heritage month, Pitbull Cuban-American rapper has shared his story of immigration to US. He gained popularity for his upbeat catchy tunes. He sat down to discus, how his family migrated to US from Cuba and for him, what does it mean to be able to live in the land with freedom. They knew what this nation had to offer is that, anyone could control their own destiny. He said, you have opportunity.   And you have number one thing which was and which is freedom. If you desire to have that opportunity Apply for Visa and migrate to United States Amando Christian Perez, is the birth name of Pit bull. He explained as to how his grandmother had fought for Fidel Castro in Cuban revolutionary war and later have sent her daughters, including Pitbull’s mother to United States. Operation Peter Pan nearing was organized and about fourteen thousand unaccompanied minors in the 1960s were migrated and it was the largest migration.  His father has helped to organize Mariel boat lift migration of Cubans to Florida in 1980’s and eventually came to US through visa lottery. So, there is lot of history, he continued. Definitely deeply rooted and that is reason why I appreciate every opportunity this nation has to offer. He is proud of his heritage and he says he celebrates through his music. The ‘ Fireball rapper have  insisted that it is very important that people do look towards their family history, here in United States and  from where their ancestors came from. He Said, understand what your family came for and for you to really enjoy freedom, opportunity and know your destiny. If you believe US you can make your own destiny. Do not waste your time, migrate to US. Talk to someone who can  guide or you can talk to best visa consultant who can guide as to migrate to US and make your destiny Opulentus - USA Immigration & Visa Process Consultants

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