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India more favored by Americans than Israel and Mexico: Poll
Posted on: 11 Mar 2013  |   Tags: Indians in USA , Migrate to USA , USA immigration ,

India has a higher favorable rating among Americans than close ally Israel or neighboring Mexico, a new Gallup poll in the US has revealed, attesting to growing people-to-people ties and strategic relationship between Washington and New Delhi. Opulentus USACanada (91%) and Britain (88%) top the list of 22 countries polled for ratings, followed by Germany (85%), Japan (81%) and France (73%). But the real surprise is sixth-paced India, which has a 68% favorable and 23% unfavorable rating, slightly higher than Israel (66-29) and Mexico (47-49). Russia in 9th place and China at 10th have near identical ratings in the middle of the table with Moscow at 44/50 and Beijing at 43/52. At the bottom of the heap are Pakistan at 20th position with only 14% favorable and 81% unfavorable, followed by North Korea (12/84), and Iran (9/87) in last place. Both Pakistan and Iran were erstwhile US allies. Washington and Islamabad still claim to be allies but the American people evidently see it differently. Gallup's World Affairs survey conducted on February 7-10 provided what the polling veteran called a ''unique window into Americans' top-of-mind reactions towards countries that are frequently in the news,'' showing many reactions being negative: Americans give 15 out of the 22 countries a more unfavorable than favorable rating. They reacted most positively to two English-speaking countries (Canada and Great Britain) that are longtime US allies and to two countries - Germany and Japan - that were the major US foes in World War II about 70 years ago. All four of these countries are now democracies with economic systems similar to that of US. Three additional countries, France, India, and Israel, are "above water," and although they are not at the top of the list, they engender attitudes from Americans that are much more favorable than unfavorable, Gallup said. A similar poll conducted by Gallup in February 2012 had Americans giving India even higher numbers - 75% favorable and 20% unfavorable. More than a decade ago, a March 2000 poll put India at 47% favorable and 38% unfavorable. Evidently, the numbers have improved gradually over the years, putting the once estranged ally ahead of Israel and Mexico, and way in front of notional allies such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Gallup said eight countries with the most negative ratings all currently are or over the past decade were involved in wars, disputes, or turmoil - in a number of instances, in ways that are overtly hostile to the US. The currently "hostile" category includes Iran and North Korea. ''The US-Pakistani relationship is beset with rockiness despite the strained cooperation between the two on military matters,'' Gallup noted, although it did not full explain why the country ranked so far below traditional US foes such as Venezuela, Cuba, and Libya. About the top six countries, Gallup noted that they are all democracies that are considered US allies, regardless of their geographic differences and levels of development. ''Americans are most positive about countries that are democracies and US allies, and least positive about countries that are seen as threats to the US, those that are involved in major turmoil, and those that are not traditional democracies,'' the polling agency's analysts observed in explanatory notes. Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/us/India-more-favored-by-Americans-than-Israel-and-Mexico-Poll/articleshow/18872743.cms

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