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The United States President Barack Obama received massive support from the Asian community India, Obama has been ahead in appointing the people of Indian origin people in the top jobs of the administration, judiciary and encourage them highly for the betterment of the American society.

Indian-Supporters-support-ObamaAmong all other foreign nationals, Indians received top profile jobs and they approval for them is very high. The support given by the Indian nationals to the Obama’s leadership reflected in the same way.

The unfavorable rate for the US president is very less among the Indians; only 9 percent people do not support him. The Indian-Americans unfavorability for the Democratic Party is very less just 19 percent do not support him.

The Indians do not favor elevation of the Donald Trump for the top job, the record 62 percent of them do not want to see him as the United States President.

The top contestants Bernie Sanders and the Hillary Clinton have massive support from the people of Indian origin in the United States.

Both the ladies of the political parties have support of 63 percent and 64 percent Indian community in the North American country.

Hillary Clinton is the top choice of many Indians and where as the Sanders stands at just 30 percent support from the Barack Obama. Hardly 7 percent of Indians support Donald Trump.

Indian nationals living in the United States have one of the largest populations, they are holding the top jobs for several years and Indian community in the United States is highly influential.

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