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Manufacturing sector of the United States require more skilled immigrants

It is no more a secret that American Manufacturing Industry requires good number of skilled professionals. Tool makers, machinists and the people from other engineering backgrounds are required to work in the core manufacturing sectors of the US industries.

Manufacturing-Industry-of-usaGenerating customer demand is crucial, but the manufacturing sector has huge shortage of the skills and it is also facing problem in recruiting the highly skilled professionals. The people are attracted to technology sector rather than the manufacturing sector, the major share means 90 percent of the H1B work visas are taken by the technology sector of the United States.

The US manufacturing companies cost cutting measures and American nationals showering little interest on the manufacturing sector. It is no more the choice of the American students to work in the United States. Importing foreign nationals to work in its industries is the only choice of the United States companies.

Skilled migration to the United States is not new; the demand is huge and even employers demanding new visa policies to facilitate the skilled immigrants. The labor intensive immigration procedures similar to that of Canada Immigration procedures are needed to the United States.

The major proportion of skilled immigrants are confined to the technology sectors through US immigration, whereas the manufacturing sectors promotion of their industry and the skilled immigrants from different corners of the world show very less interest in the US manufacturing sector.

The United States H1B visa attracts and retains the highly qualified individuals into its industries and other industries are less attractive but the demand is huge. The United States Immigration and Citizenship services facilitate immigrants with the immigration procedures and every year conducts the draw for the skilled professionals.

The Republican Senator of Arizona proposed a bill to introduce a new visa and let us see how that visa helps the immigrants to fill the gaps created by the industry.

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