More Immigrants Racing to Apply for US citizenship

The immigrants, who are worried about Mr. Trump’s election to the US president, are now rushing to apply for the United Citizenship. Tens of thousands of people, eligible for the US citizenship are lodging applications and in the past six months the application rate increased by 14 percent.

More-Immigrants-Raising-to-Apply-for-US-CitizenshipThere is a growing fear among the immigrant class that Mr. Trump, the hard line anti-immigrant leader would become the president of the United States.

People opine that, Mr. Donald Trump stand on immigrant issue causing severe harm and hurting the sentiments of the people, who are serious, hardworking and responsible to the US laws. Many who are ready to obtain citizenship are ready to vote against Mr. Trump in the upcoming elections in the United States.

The Potential Immigrants who live in the United States with the Green Card can Apply for the US Citizenship. Those who obtain Citizenship can enroll in the voter list by October; most of the applicants have planned to obtain citizenship.

The United States Immigration Services will look after awarding Citizenship to the immigrants, this for the first time in the history of the United States that the immigration has become the most discussed subject in the election.

There are numerous issues surrounding the immigrants, the H1B and L1 visa was also increased by the United States Government. The Indian Government is also taking possible step to communicate over this issue, already a complaint has been lodged against the United States at the world trade organization.

The US immigration system is complicated and likely to undergo changes after the 2016 elections of the United States.

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