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Hi, This is Bhanu. I am here to share few words about how Opulentus has helped me to reach my girl friend. My girlfriend went to USA for further studies. I was feeling so lonely and decided to go to USA to meet her. But, I don’t know on what visa I should go to USA. To get the details of entire process, I have approached most popular visa consultancy in Hyderabad-Opulentus. As soon as I have approached them they have received me with utmost respect. I explained my interest of visiting USA and asked them the chances of landing in USA. After hearing about my case, they have told me that I can go ahead with USA tourist visa. I felt very happy by hearing this and asked them to work on my visa process immediately. Even the processing fee was low when compared to other consultancies. They have explained me all the details of the process starting from filing an application to till how to succeed in the interview. They have updated me with all the required information and status of my application. Moreover, the complaints department has done a splendid job by answering all my queries and clarifying my doubts at all times. All the process was handled so quickly and timely. I was eagerly waiting for the day of my visa interview. Under their guidance, I had succeeded in the visa interview and my application was approved. I was so happy and very excited to meet my girlfriend. Finally, I went to US and met her. When she saw me there are no boundaries for her happiness. She felt so happy by seeing me at her place. I still remember the moment when her eyes were filled with happiness. I am very happy for this and would like to thank Opulentus on this happiest moment. Thank you very much.

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