Q1 visa for the USA

Q1 visa USAThere are various visa and immigration policies have been introduced by different counties depending upon the requirements. In current scenario, the immigration rate is high in America because of its financial growth and new innovation in various fields like education, cultural activities, science, and technology. The q1 visa is an initiative by the American government to allow the person having more than 18 years to take part in training, service and enriching programs.

The candidate should be sponsored by the employer of US. The employer should have to sponsor the overseas candidate by providing proper training and job offer while allocating the traditional and cultural activities of candidate’s native country. There are some certain criteria for the applicant to be eligible for q1 visa.  For getting this visa the applicant should minimum 18 years old. The applicant has credible to convey the tradition and culture of his country. Means the applicant should have the cultural attribute to represent for his country.

The American employers are bound to sponsor the candidate according to the term and condition of cultural exchange program. The q1 visa holders can be remaining outside America before reentering the country. The applicant must have to meet all t5he character and health requirements.

This is really a good strategy to improvise the bilateral tradition and culture by the help of cultural exchange program. The program will be helpful to improve the cordial relationship between the two countries.  The initiative is a good concern of immigration authorities of US. By the help of this visa, the representative of Indian culture is getting employments in the United States. They are working as a diplomat of Indian tradition and culture at America. This system helps a lot to represent our cultural and tradition before the peoples of United States. The validity of this visa is 15 months and no furthered extension will be granted. The spouse and the children are not permitted to accompany the candidate.

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