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Republicans continue with Amnesty charge

Deliberate or not, a leaked version of President Barack Obama's draft immigration plan is causing ripples among the Republicans and others. The draft plan reported over the weekend confirms a report that the Permanent residence would be granted to most of the illegal immigrants who number 11.5 million in 8 years against 10 originally planned. It also calls for steps to strengthen south-western border security with Mexico and the E-Verify system to check the immigration status of workers. Opulentus USAThe Republican hardliners pounced on the draft, with some objecting to any form of "amnesty" for those illegally living in the country. Others have accused Obama and the White House of dirty tricks by going public with their draft even as a bipartisan group of senators is working on a possible agreement. A high-level bipartisan group headed by Condoleezza Rice is also working for a solution. Conservative Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama complained on Monday that both the White House draft and the Senate hearings on the issue seek to "confer legal status and work authorization on Day One in exchange for promises of future enforcement on which this administration will never deliver." Further at issue is who will benefit from the Permanent Residency at the time of 2016 Presidential election.

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