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Study abroad exposes students to new culture

Job Opportunities in USACourses in language and culture, as well as foreign exchange students from all over the world, make West Virginia University’s campus a diverse environment ideal for learning and living. However, each year WVU students are encouraged to take part in study abroad opportunities to broaden their own horizons. Studying abroad can help students master a language, make job connections in foreign countries, and become more open to different ways of life. Pedro Antonio Moreno Roche, a WVU foreign exchange student from Spain, is studying in Morgantown for one semester. As a student from the Universidad de Murcia studying to become a translator, Roche chose to come to America to improve his English. “I could have arrived in the United Kingdom in three hours just taking a plane,” Roche said. “But I will always have that chance.” Roche said it would be more difficult for him to visit the United States, if he was not participating in a study abroad program. While finances are often a main concern for students considering going abroad, studying through a foreign exchange program associated with WVU allows them to pay for their studies with their standard tuition money. Matthew Cardinal, a senior international studies and Spanish student, studied in Spain last semester at Roche’s school, the Universidad de Murcia. Cardinal said he had always wanted to study abroad and decided to give it a shot because the opportunity coordinated so well with his fields of study. “You do not need to have any previous language practice or a certain major to study abroad,” Cardinal said. “Anyone can go, and I would be the first to recommend it. It was a beautiful experience.” While studying abroad, both Roche and Cardinal had to adjust to the differences in the nations they were visiting. “Here at WVU, you are usually really proud of who you are and the university you are enrolled in,” Roche said. “I find (WVU) to be really happy with who (they) are as a community.” Roche said that although he is only studying at WVU for one semester, he said the Mountaineer experience will stay with him forever. “Once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer,” he said. Both Roche and Cardinal said they would advise any student who has a desire to study abroad to try it. “Never give up,” Roche said. “At first it can be difficult; I myself almost changed my mind the very last day before taking the plane, but I would have regretted it my whole life.” Cardinal said he believes every student should try the once-in-a-lifetime a experience that is studying abroad. “Sign up and go. What are you waiting for?” Cardinal said. “You have nothing to lose, and you will be happy you did.” Students interested in learning more about study abroad opportunities can visit the Study Abroad Fair, Monday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. in the Mountainlair Ballrooms. Source: http://www.thedaonline.com/news/study-abroad-exposes-students-to-new-culture-1.3064816

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