Spouse Visa for USA

The k1 visa is popularly known as spouse visa. The spouse visa of US permits the foreign individuals to enter America to marry a citizen of America. The validity of this visa is only for 90 days. It cannot be extended or renewed further. Once the candidate marries a U.S citizen then you are able to apply for an amendment status to work and travel in the US. A green card is a helpful concern to permit the Spouse to live and Work in the US.

Spouse-Visa-for-USAThere is various plus point obtained by the candidate by the approval of this visa. The visa allows the person to enter to America by marrying a citizen of this country.  The visa permitted 90 days to stay at America so that the newlyweds can able to arrange their marriage ceremony in America.

The major plus point of this visa is the applicant can apply for the Permanent residence status of America during the processing of this application.

According to the immigration policy of US, the overseas citizen and the citizen of America should meet each other at least before two years and they have a strong hardship then the USCIS may consider their marriage and approve their application for the Spouse Visa to the USA.

There is some eligibility requirement for this purpose. The petitioner must be a citizen of United States. The candidate has to marry his fiancé within the time of three months. If the couple has any previous marital issue then that should be solved by divorce or annulment.

After the approval of spouse visa, the fiancé of the candidate allows entering in America for three months of time. During this period, the marriage ceremony and other functions can be completed. This is a good initiative  of the immigration department of US.

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