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Ten useful interview tips for USA Visitor visa

Ten useful interview tips for USA Visitor visaAre you preparing for a USA Visitor Visa interview? Getting through the visa interview is a daunting and difficult task. You need to prepare well to succeed in your USA Visitor visa interview. Hence to assist you we are providing a few tips that explain what to expect in a visa interview and how to prepare for it. Follow these tips to enhance your probabilities of being granted with visas.


Tips for Successful USA Visitor Visa Interview

  • Figure out what a visa officer will expect from you and prepare yourself to convince the visa officer with your answers.
  • Make a list of expected questions and practice thoroughly how to answer these questions in an effective manner.
  • Have a glance over the best tourist places in the US and choose one which you want to visit.
  • Keep hold of all required documents and make sure that no document is missing. It is the most important thing in which most of the applicants fail to accomplish it.
  • Filling the application form is one of the most important things while applying for a visa. So, the form should be filled by you and do not ask any travel agent to fill the form as they may not provide accurate information about you. Check after filing an application to avoid any mistakes. Please note that if you provide any fake information in the form, you may be disqualified from applying any US visa in the future.
  • Understanding what each and every document is meant for is very crucial and make sure that the details which you provide in the application form matches with the details provided in the documents.
  • As soon as you enter the interview booth smile and greet the visa officer. Do not panic and answer questions confidently. Your answer should be short and precise. Avoid answering the things that have not been asked.
  • Be polite while answering and do not argue with the visa officer under any circumstances.
  • Be honest. Visa officers are smart enough and they can figure out what is right and what is wrong. So, while answering a question it is better to have a document supporting your answer.
  • Arrange the documents in an order in a folder, so that if any document is requested by the visa officer you can show them within less than 5 seconds.
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