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The promise of Hilary Clinton- Path Changing Strategy

The promise of Hilary Clinton- Path Changing Strategy promises that if she becomes the next elected President of U.S.A, she will support the start up entrepreneurs from other countries that have innovative ideas in the technology oriented globally traded sectors, to come forward and establish their company in US. She is also giving her word for all the talented people across the world that she will support them with a “start-up” Visa and give the ‘Green Card’ to them. She has also mentioned that by 2020 an economy will be made that works for everybody. Innovative promise has been made that 5G Wireless and NexGen Wireless Systems will be deployed. During her speech in Denver she said that young entrepreneurs shall have their student loans differed.  The education on Computer Science will be given to every student before he/she graduates. If all this is true then there is nothing to think twice about for the people who have ideas to develop and establish themselves. Immigrants who are established entrepreneurs or graduates of STEM masters and PHED’s now can have ‘Green Card’ as democratized asset along with their degrees from esteemed institutions. 100,000 Indian students study in several universities in USA every year and they constitute the largest number of STEM category. The maximum benefit is going to be to Indian students if this happens as said.

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