US EB-5 Investors’ Permanent Residency Program

USA-EB5-Investor-Immigration-ProgramUnited Nations the progressive nation has played a crucial role in the global economy. This country has contributed a lot to the progress of developed nations. This country is well known to for its immigrant integration; this country has one of the largest immigrant populations. The highly talented professionals, from Asian countries have contributed to the scientific, economic and overall progress of the country. Indian IT industry contributes largely to American economy.

This contribution to its economy from the global phenomenon has compelled United States to introduce Investment based Immigration program EB-5 in 1990 to create jobs in America and stimulate American economy. EB-5 Investors Program has been successful in drawing attention of the Chinese who surpassed the limit by taking more number of visas. Most of them after settling through this visa are bringing their families to US for permanent residency. Indians have also benefited mainly through this visa program.

This investors program demands the investment of $ 1 million dollars in American companies or who can create their own business through innovative ideas. The investment must be for a period of five years and visa is granted for two years. Investment based immigration programs have been started by many countries; the trend of investment inflows in Canada is also increasing with the famous start up visa program. But, EB-5 Visa annually grants around 10,000 visas to the potential entrepreneurs.

Under this category, there is also one more category that fetches you permanent residency visa. If you are investing half a million US dollars in US development centers, then it also proffers you this visa. United Nations has always been the most favorable and preferred destination for immigrants. United States has recently extended the EB-5 investors program till September 30, 2016 without any significant amendments to the program.

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