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USA Family ImmigrationUS Family Immigration allows already declared citizens of US to sponsor visa of their close and immediate family. The laws of United states and immigration department allows the spouses, parents and kids of a US citizen to invite their family members to stay in US and hence apply for US citizenship. Two types of Visas Visas for immediate family and relatives: This visa type allows immediate relatives of a US citizen to enter US, and hence stay with them. This is an unlimited number of visas to get through US Immigration System. The Lawful permanent residence should have either of these relationships with the candidate. The lawfully married partner or any kids of US citizen are eligible to apply for this visa. Parents of a US citizen can also apply for this visa and can move with their kid in United States. Limited Visa for particular family relations: This visa type allows any Lawful permanent residence to invite and sponsor immigration of a person with close relations, such as their own kids who are still not married. Both, daughters and sons of a US citizen can apply for this visa. While other categories, such as legal married partners, or kids or parents of US citizen can also apply for the US family Immigration process. Although this visa allows family of a US citizen to immigrate, this is a limited visa. Documents needed to apply for US Family Immigration Spouses need to produce marriage certificate, essentially in order to apply for US Family Immigration process along with other documents such as copy of and their employment record copy. USA citizens can invite their kids to stay with them, provided they give copies of their birth certificates and other essential documents such as proof of relationship and their own H1 visa copy. Dependent spouses can also be called by US citizens to stay with them. Interview for Visa After approval of the documents, interview for approving visa of the family of US citizen takes place, which is a crucial step. In interview consists of a consular officer interviewing the applicant, and on basis if the interview, the consular officer will determine whether the applicant is eligible to receive an immigrant visa in according to U.S. immigration law. Digital fingerprint scans are taken on the day of the interview. Passing this interview generally insures the issue of US Visa. Other Links:


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