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US H-1B Visa Policies Need Reformation

Many intellectuals have given their opinion regarding the reformation of H-1B visa policies. The H-B visa program is very must restrict. There are some changes required to make it better. The system allows the American companies the hire the skilled and qualified professionals around the world for six years of time. There are lots more issues regarding the policy that needs to be reform.

Visa-Policies-of-H1B-Needs-ReformationMatthew Slaughter had a survey among the 400 executives of different companies regarding the issue. The report came that the company hire people from outside the country is too much expensive. Slaughter said that 82 percent of those people said that the hiring of a skill worker from outside the country is very much expensive than that of hiring a same skilled worker from US.

Some people of US believe that the H-1B candidates are trying to take the place of skilled workers of US but the co-chair person of American competitiveness alliance Mrs. Rosario Marina said that the foreign skilled workers are more talented and innovative than the American workers. The current industries need a large number of high skilled foreign professionals for the rapid improvement.

More than 80 percent graduate students from electrical engineering background in the universities of US are international student. The rate is 670% in computer science also. So many skilled individuals around the world are studying in the universities of America. So the companies will unable to fill the shortage of skilled human resource without hiring the foreign students.

The workers are not being able to apply the H-1B visa; their concern companies only can provide them this.

 There were nearly 233,000 applications coming for H-1B visa in last year, but system allows only 65000 visas to be approved and 20,000 visas for the master’s degrees candidates. When the number of application exceed the limit of number of visas permitted by the law, the lottery system becomes effective.

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