What Are The Main Categories of US Green Card

The US Greencard is also known as PR Card. It offers the holders permanent residence in the United States.

The steps to becoming US Green Card Visa holder do vary by category and also dependent as whether you presently live inside or outside the US. The main categories do includeUS-Green-Card

  • Greencard through job
  • Green card through family
  • Greencard through Asylum status or Refugee
  • Other ways to get Green Card

US Permanent Residency does authorize the foreign national to live as well as work in the US indefinitely.  There are different way to get PR in the US it includes

  • Marriage to US citizen
  • Petition from employer,
  • sponsorship offered by a close relative who is US citizen or PR or Us Dept of lottery program state diversity

Migrate to the USA      

The University of Michigan does sponsor employment-based permanent residency petitions for a visa. For petitions permanent residency, which are not based on employment then they should

A family member of H-1 B worker is admitted to US H-4 visa category.  The qualifying family member does include only the spouse and unmarried children who are under 21 years. The family members are admitted for the same period for which the principal family member is admitted.

On 9th September 2015, the US citizenship and immigration service and DOS have announced new procedures for determining the visa availability for the applicants to wait to file the adjustment of the status applications. These revisions are intended to implement the executive actions by President Obama.

Millions each year do apply for US Citizenship Visa, and hoping it will be a ticket for better life. The process does often take years and there few guarantee of success.

To qualify for the so called EB-5 visa, the investor should inject $500,000 into a project or any business which will create around 10 new jobs in high unemployment or rural area.

Still critics do say that the government does require to keep a closer eye especially on the investors who wish to apply for a visa to ensure that they have met the employment requirements adequately.

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  1. Americans or others think these ways don’t understand that that more and more jobs will be outsources to India and qualified will work distantly. This will have impact on US economy.

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