Does Eb-5 Visa Offers Permanent Residency

Varied nations offer a means of entry to a wealthy individual’s belonging to the other nation, who are willing to invest in their nation. Even US provides a means of entry to wealthy individuals by offering them US EB5 Visa.

The US EB5 Visa is also referred as EB-5 immigrant visa or employment fifth preference. This visa  is offers permanent residence  to the wealthy individual, thus helps them to Migrate to US .  However, we find that, applicants for the US green card , who are required to make investment between $500,000 and $1 million in US businesses and also they should play an active role in those businesses (eventhough they need not control)

EB5-Visa-Permanent-ResidentB-5 Job Creation Requirements

The USCIS does require EB-5 investments to result in creation of ten full time jobs for the US workers. These jobs are required to be created within 2 year period after the investor has been granted their permanent residency. In few cases, the investor would be able to prove that their investments have led to creation of direct jobs for employees, who work directly within the commercial entity that has received the investment. However, we do find the eB-5 investor may have to show 10 full indirect or the induced jobs were created, due to investment made in the regional center. Indirect jobs are those which are created in businesses which supply both goods and services to EB-5 project. Induced jobs are those jobs which are created within the greater community as a result of income being spent by the EB-5 project employees.

EB-5 Business Entities

There are numerous types of business entities in which the EB-5 Visa applicant are required to invest. In general, we do find the applicant may invest directly in the new commercial enterprise or in a regional center. The New commercial enterprise is known to be lawful for profit entities which can take one of many different business structures. Such business structure does include limited or general partnerships, corporation, sole proprietorships, publicly or privately owned business structures and business trusts.

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