Immigration laws are severe!

The American immigration laws are increasingly coming under public and political scrutiny within the country. A Sheriff of Illinois dared to compare the immigration rules to Nazi Germany. The comparison is obviously odious to many Americans themselves.

Opulentus USAWhile it may be claimed that the Illinois Sheriff may not have actually compared the immigration laws with the Nazi rule, he did hint at it nevertheless keeping the context in view. You can make your mind on the issue by reading the context. He said: “Ultimately, I believe in the rule of law. But we have to be honest about that. When we talk about the rule of law, a couple of things… One, our country had the rule of law that women didn’t have the right to vote. Minorities didn’t. Rosa Parks got caught in the rule of law. We can go on. Nazi Germany was the rule of law. So, ultimately, some laws are unjust in some sense.”

Sheriff Mark Curran agreed to debate the issue of giving driver’s license to 250,000 illegal immigrants in Illinois.  But even as he appeared to back out, he was drawn into conversation by those attending it, till he came out with his remark.

It’s not the first time, though, that a comparison of the immigration laws with Nazi

Germany had been made.

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