Old lines for new problems!

Now is the time for all good boys to come to the aid of the party, is the good old line for those learning the skill at the typewriter! The good boys in America today are exhorting each other to come to the aid of the jobless who number no less than 12 million. The Barack Obama government has taken enough measures, but the trend is not reversing. With the government also failing to effectively intervene by putting c urbs on outsourcing and such other measures, it devolves on the people to do something about it. The Americans have mutually just got wise to the situation.

Opulentus USAMade-in-USA and the use of all goods manufactured in the country is just one way of ensuring continuous jobs in the manufacturing sector. That is being tried out with some amount of success, with the Americans willing to pay a high premium of 62% even to buy their own goods which are available for a fraction of the price in the nearest Chinese store.

Create Jobs for USA is the current slogan doing the rounds. Citizens concerned and socially committed organizations have jumped into the fray telling each other and financing small businesses to foster jobs. There is not much in such venture because in the past 15 years 65% of new jobs were created thus. That didn’t help because the recessionary trends have put paid to efforts because more and more were losing jobs. Even so, starting small businesses goes some way in neutralizing the economic crunch.

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