Apply for US Visit Visa to Travel to USA

The US has best tourist attractions, hence many people belonging to different nations love to visit this nation.

Non US citizen, who wishes to visit US required to obtain US visa specific to their purpose of their visit. The visa is required to stamped and placed in traveler’s passport.   Few international travelers, are eligible to Travel to USA if they tend to meet the visa free travel requirements.

Based on the purpose of their trip, the individuals are required to apply for the specific visa . Basically we find there are about of two types of US Visit Visa.  If the individual wishes to stay for short period for business,(B-1) education, pleasure, tourism and medical treatment then they should apply for  non immigrant visa or B-1/B-2 visa

USA Visitor visa or US Travel VisaUSA-Visit-visa

The individual’s purpose of travel as well as other facts related to travel plans must be determine what type of visa is essential under the American immigration law. It is essential to have information about the type of non immigrant visa which will require the individuals to travel and steps essential to apply for the Visa at  consulate abroad and US Embassy.

The USA Visitor Visa Applicant should Demonstrate that

  • The trip purpose must be to enter Unites states of America for amusement, pleasure, relatives, visit friends or to seek medical treatment.
  • The individuals must remain for limited and specific period
  • They must have evidence portraying that they have compelling social and economic ties to their home nation. They must prove that they have a residence outside US and also they have both economic and social binding ties which would ensure that they return back to their home nation
  • They should have evidence stating that they have funds to cover their expenses during their stay.

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