Florida gears up for space travel!

As the super-rich are getting ready for space travel training, towns in Florida are gearing up for making a fast buck on terra firma by way of hotels and entertainment spots. This is the primary benefit of future space jaunts.  Already estimates are being made that the logistics industry for the space travelers would be worth $600m in Florida. In neighboring New Mexico, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is  posing competition for the Florida space business.

Opulentus USAA space traveler could perhaps be in a position to say, “I’m going to the moon tomorrow,” if he is in a position to spend between $25m and $35m for the suborbital trip. Right now, the cost of short experience of weightlessness and preparatory training is $95,000. Virgin has sold space seats for suborbital travel at $200,000 a piece.

XCOR space travel group is expected to fly about 250 space flights from next year. What the space aspirants are going to enjoy is not only space travel but also landings and take-offs of space vehicles being organized in collaboration with Russian spacecraft, not on TV or miles away but from close quarters of just about 500 ft.

The space-bound entertainment industry at present comprises some 12 units not only from the USA but elsewhere as well.

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