US Visitor Visa Applicants Can File for Their Extension

Travel-to-USA-for-VisitForeign citizens from nations such as India and  China, who desire to visit the United States temporarily should obtain  US Visit Visa.  Those individuals are visiting the US as tourists, to visit friends or relatives for medical treatment or to conduct business; they must obtain visitor’s visa (B-1 for business or B-2 for pleasure/medical treatment). The B1 and B2 is a non-immigrant visa. These visas are generally issued for a period up to three months to ten years.

Once the visitor is in the USA, an additional extension of six months can be received upon approval by USCIS.

Individuals who are planning to enter the US for varied purposes such as study, temporary employment, crew service, journalism and religious work. The individuals must apply for different category of visa. Individuals who wish to remain in the US indefinitely or plan to seek employment cannot be classified as visitors.

Numerous nations citizen, do not need visitor’s visa to enter the US temporarily under visa waiver program. Secondly, unless visa is earlier canceled, a visa is valid until its expiry date.

The business travelers might enter US using US Business Visa. These particular visas are invariably issued jointly with B2 or visitor for pleasure.

When Individuals Tend to Travel to US as a Business Visitor, the Individuals Might

  • Conduct negotiations
  • Discuss investment or purchases
  • Make sales
  • Make purchases or investments
  • Attend meetings

Those individuals who enter the US on Visitor Visa, they would be generally granted 6 months, admission on entry. It might be possible to get six month extension to US visit visa as long as the candidate would maintain the visitor status.

US Temporary Visit for Business Criteria

The purpose of their trip should be to enter the US for business that should be legitimate one

  • The plan must be to remain for specific limited period of time
  • The individuals must have funds to cover the expenses of the trip and their stay in US
  • The individuals must have a residence outside US, where the individuals should not have the intention to abandon and other binding ties which would ensure the individual do return after the visit.

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