Why It Is Beneficial to Apply for US Travel Visas?

USA-Visitor-VisaThe tourist nations are considered to be the hidden gems of the nation, they need to be explored.

A non US Citizen who desires to visit US should apply for USA Tourist Visas. The Visa requires to be stamped in the passport. We find international travelers are eligible to travel to this nation, without any US Visitor visas if they meet the different visa requirements for visa free travel.

It all depends on purpose of the visit, the individual are required to apply for specific visa. Basically we find there are 2 types of US visas, which includes  Non immigrant visa and immigrant visa. if the individual wishes to move to US for short period of stay for education, business, pleasure, tourism or medical treatment, then they should apply for Non immigrant or B-1/B-2 Visa.  if the individual’s intention is to stay permanently in US and wish to be legal resident then they should apply for immigration visa.  A point to remember, getting visa Is not a guarantee, for entry to United States. Permission to enter the nation is again dependent on DHS (Department of Homeland Security and customer and also CBP ( Customs and Border protection). You can contact them for more US Visitor Visa Information.

Purpose of travel

The individual have to state the purpose of their travel as well as other facts related to their travel plans. This information will help in determining, what type of visa is essential under American immigration law.

US Visitor Visa Requirements

  • The individuals purpose of their trip must be to enter this nation for amusement, pleasure, visit friends as well as to seek medical treatment
  • The individual must plan to remain for limited and specific period
  • The individual must prove that they have residence outside US and they have social as well as economic binding ties which ensures them to return back to their home nation
  • Evidence stating that they have enough funds to cover their stay in US.

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