What is Validity Period for L2 Dependent Visa ?

The US is also referred as a great eagle, and it is a federal republic that consists of 50 states. It is a developed nation, and it has the largest economy with regards to nominal and real GDP.

A Dependent family member can obtain L2 visa such as Spouse as well as an unmarried minor who are below 21 years are eligible to accompany the L-1 visa holder on L-2 visa.

As L-2 visa is US Dependent Visa, the duration of the valid stay is same as that of L-1 visa holder. That is up to seven years in a case of dependents of L1Visa and up to five years in the case of dependents of L1B visa.US-L2 Dependent Visa

We find the L-2 visa holders are allowed to travel in as well as out of US provided their L2 visa status and L2 visa stamp does remain valid.

The major advantage of USA L-2 Dependent Visa over H-4 Dependent Visa is that L-2 visa spouse are allowed to work in the US.  Once (EAS) Employment Authorization document is filed with USCIS and is approved.

The L-2 visa holder with EAD can do a legal job or business anywhere in the US, part-time or full-time, off line or online or from home or remotely. They are eligible to work in high tech, grocery store or restaurant or whichever legal business they desire to work in.

The USCIS  can deny, limit or might revoke on notice for any stay for an L-2 dependent, which is not primarily intended for the purpose of being with the principal worker in US and spouse or child might be required to show that his requested stay is not intended to evade the normal questions of non immigrant classification, which would apply when principle alien is absent in the US.

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