H-2A Visa for Temporary Agriculture Worker

Agriculture has a significant importance for the financial growth of the nation. The American government also pays attention to improving its productivity from agriculture. The US immigration department has introduced the H2A visa to hire the foreign individuals for its seasonal jobs in the field of agriculture.

H-2A-Visa-for-Temporary-AgricultureThere are some eligibility criteria for qualifying this classification. The American employer has to fill the 1-129 form for the candidate in this regard. The nature of the job is seasonal and on a temporary basis. The government of America must have to verify that the lack of human resource for the job position of the temporary work.

In current scenario agriculture takes a vital role to improve the economy of the country. From this point of view, this is a great initiative by the government of US. The employer of US should pay the attention that not to harm the working environment and the salary strategy of the American workers during the time of employing the foreign individuals.

The appeal must get the reorganization from the labor department, America before the application for H2A visa. The employer has to file a form with the United States citizenship and immigration services by fulfilling all the term and conditions of the system. Then USCIS will grant the application by verifying the employer’s details, employee details, and the detail job descriptions.

The validity of stay in H2A visa is depending upon the labor department of America. The visa can be extended for an interval of 12 months depending upon the requirements. The maximum period of validity of this visa is three years.

The government has step forwarded by reforming the immigration policies and bringing the foreign agricultural workers to the country. This is really a good approach for improving the GDP and increase the productivity of the nation.

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